Economy Pop Up Tents

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Working in the open air may seem ideal, but weather conditions often make it unpleasant.

Unpleasant temperatures, wind, rain, snow and sunshine frequently make working in the open air very difficult.

Work tents over the years have proven to be an ideal solution. They are fully adapted to actual working conditions and meet the highest standards.

They can be used for a broad spectrum of applications, such as disaster relief accommodation, temporary storage, accommodation, roofs for a variety of infrastructure projects, decontamination projects, etc. Work tents have proven their worth. They are fast and easy to put up, weatherproof and highly fire-resistant

Five-Second Tents

Five-second tents owe their name to the fact that they can be put up within five seconds. The tents have an integrated frame so that no parts can go missing.

The standard models are white polyester with a yellow bisonyl anti-splash edge. The white polyester is highly translucent to ensure reliable recognition of colour codes.

If required, the tents can be designed with four ventilation grilles for optimal aeration and ventilation. For added rigidity, the tents can be equipped with pegs and guy ropes. A carrier bag made of PVC is available as well.

Forensic tent
economy pop up tent

Cubic Model (5S)

The cubic model has many uses. This tent helps to provide good working conditions when working on switch boxes or pipes.

The back wall of this model can be fitted with a one-metre long vertical zipper so that pipes can be moved in and out of the tent more easily.

The large-size models can be used as changing rooms or first aid posts.

economy pop up tent

Pointed Model (PZ)

The pointed model is ideal for work on railway tracks, installing cables, and welding pipes.

This tent has a vertical zipper at the leading edges so that it can be widened and thus fit over virtually any trench.

economy pop up tent

Welding Umbrella

Welding umbrellas are very lightweight, compact, and fast and easy to put up. They are intended for minor jobs that nonetheless require protection from weather conditions.

These high-quality welding umbrellas have a white, translucent PVC coating for optimal translucence. Furthermore, the cloth is non-flammable and will not drip. The sharp point makes the umbrella easy to fasten.

Safety Screen - Including Peg & Rope Set

Size (length x width) Size Packed (lxwxh) Weight (kg)
7.20x1.80 (4x180) 1.35x0.35x0.35 m 11

5 Second Tents - Pointed Models

Type Size (m) Size Packed (m) Weight (kg)
Type 180 PZ 1.80x1.7 x1.65 1.40x0.40x0.40 9.5
Type 250 PZ 2.50x2.00x1.90 1.85x0.45x0.45 17

5 Second Tents - Cube Models

Type Size (m) Size Packed (m) Weight (kg)
Type 140 5S 1.50x1.40x1.50 1.20x0.30x0.30 8.5
Type 180 5S 1.80x1.80x2.00 1.45x0.40x0.40 13
Type 210 5S 2.10x2.10x2.00 1.60x0.40x0.40 15
Type 250 5S 2.50x2.50x2.00 1.85x0.45x0.45 20
Type 180x250 5S 1.80x2.50x2.00 1.85x0.40x0.40 16
Type 300 5S 3.00x3.00x2.15 2.20x0.45x0.45 25

All inclusive peg and rope set and PVC bag with zip

Standard Specifications

  • P.U. Coated Nylon
  • Reinforced Flame Retardant for Light Fibreglass Framework
  • Non Conductive
  • Guy Lines
  • All Spares available and tent repairs
  • No Loose Components

Other Options

  • Additional lower skirt section
  • Strong PVC Carrying Bag
  • Additional Zips where required
  • Rear door entrance. Windows. Repair Kit

Colours available in PVC:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Green