We are still open and are available for our customers especially those working against COVID-19. This include sectors such as Healthcare, Emergency Services, Police, Military, Fire Service, Search & Rescue. Tents4work are following Government guidelines & advice to protect our staff, families, and customers. Take care.

In order to provide support through the current emergency situation, we are able to provide tents for Hospitals, Triage Areas, Medical Facilities, Quarantine Areas, Temporary Offices, Drive Through Testing and Storage Areas within 24 hrs.  Please click here for more information.

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Pop up Tent


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Inflatable Tents and Buildings

We can custom make inflatable tents and buildings to suit your requirements.

We have supplied inflatable buildings to organisations such as the MOD, BT and Mabey Bridge, as well as various nuclear and coal power stations.

Inflatable buildings have a vast array of uses – providing weather protection in a great deal of outside situations.

A key area is in the production and installation of wind turbines, where large inflatable buildings can ensure works are covered and protected during production.

Inflatable buildings can also be used inside to provide “clean conditions”, which is ideal within power stations.

Large Inflatable Tents and Buildings

Emergency Services

For the emergency services, we can provide inflatable buildings for crime scenes, disasters and event/first aid points. Inflatable tents and buildings can be produced to any size required. The standard options for the emergency services, available in blue and white for the Police force, red and white for the fire brigade and green and white for the ambulance services are 5m long by 4m wide.

Inflatable Tents and Buildings for emergency services


The military use our inflatable buildings for activities such as war zone hospitals, and helicopter and tank maintenance.
Inflatable buildings can also be extremely useful at events.

An inflatable building can be much quicker and easier than assembling a large tent. The inflatable nature of the buildings also makes them several degrees warmer than the outside temperature in cold conditions, or they can cool a hot area. In extremes of climate they can provide much better working environments to increase productivity.

Military Inflatable Tents and Buildings

5 Legged Inflatable Building

If you are considering an inflatable building for an event, you may wish to consider a 5 legged option.

5 Legged Inflatable Tents and Buildings

Shooting Ranges

Inflatable buildings can also be used for shooting ranges and we have supplied them to act as reception areas for paintballing events.

Inflatable Tents and Buildings

Gallery of Inflatable Tents

If you don’t see a tent for your needs above, or in the gallery below, telephone Bob on 01460 64227 0r Email us